Sunday, July 09, 2006

Flowers... gifts from Mother Nature!

I love this time of year, with so many different flowers in bloom! I'm out in my yard almost daily with my camera in hand trying to get the ultimate flower photo. Yesterday my main model was a lone daisy that had poked up in the grass. I guess the birds, or even wind had transported a seed from my daisy patch in my flower bed to allow this one single daisy to bloom in the middle of my yard. So before my husband mowed it down with the grass that needed cutting, I grabbed my camera and went to work taking pictures of this single beauty!

I love this picture! I like taking close ups, as you can tell! And, for those wondering, after I took my pictures, I picked this daisy and put it in a little vase, so it didn't meet it's demise with the lawnmower!

Anyway, I was surfing around searching for flowers on the net; trying to see other flower pictures to get ideas for my own fascination with taking pictures of these beauties. I came across a web release for, and I just had to check out this site. Oh my, they have some real beauties! They have the most gorgeous blue roses I have ever seen! I'm talking bright blue, like a cobalt blue! Now of course these roses have been dyed that color, but I thought it would be cool to order a dozen of them, just so I could take some pictures!

They have all kinds of flowers and plants; pretty much anything you can imagine, and they also do gift baskets. Their site offers lots of information as well. I was reading an article they have there on how to revive wilting flowers in a vase or arrangement, to help them last a little longer. There's another article for tips on pressing flowers, and a list of all the flowers you can think of, and then some, with each individual flower's meaning. I found that my simple little lone daisy represents innocence, purity, cheer, simplicity, gentleness, faith, and loyal love. That makes me all the happier that I plucked that little bloom and brought it in the house to share all those meanings with me instead of letting the blades of the lawnmower end it's life and joy that it gives!

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