Saturday, June 12, 2010

Bottle bombs... what next?

I was just reading this blog post by Amie titled "Bottle Bomb Danger" I hadn't heard of this yet, but what is wrong with our world today that people would stoop so low as to place these bottle bombs, and place them around in various places, like even in your yard or mail box! Good lord, we're not even safe in our own yards any more!


Sunday, February 10, 2008

Witch's tits

I dunno. The saying goes "It's colder than a witch's tit". I've never been near a witch that I know of, and nor would I entertain the thought of touching a witch's tit, so I'll never know how cold that really is. But one thing I do know, is it's freakin' freezing cold outside here today! After almost a full week in my jammies, I put on some real clothes today and trekked out to get some much needed groceries in this house. I was blown away (almost literally!) at how cold it was out there! There's a strong and very nasty bitter cold north wind blowing. Needless to say it was a royal pita loading groceries into the trunk of the car, with that strong wind relentlessly fighting to blow the hood of the trunk down on my head! I just hope going out in that crap doesn't have any side effects on this nasty cold I've been down with. I'm sick of being sick!


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Saturday, February 09, 2008

Oh yeah!

A couple weeks ago or so I had posted about a cute little crocheted hoodie sweater I made and at the time of the post had it in the washer being fulled. Well, here's a picture of the now very tiny sweater. Gosh that green looks pukish in the picture. It's really a nice funky olive green color in person. However, it turned out much smaller than I had anticipated. I wanted it to end up fitting say a 6 - 9 month old, or even a wee bit bigger, which the little green mary janes would fit, but it's come out more 0 - 3 month, and maybe even bordering preemie size. Know anyone with a cabbage patch kid that's in need of a hoodie? I don't even want to bother putting a zipper in this one now, because I think it's kind of pointless. Just goes to show you though, there really is no rule of thumb when it comes to fulling or felting wool. The mary janes shrank much more minimally than the sweater, and they're crocheted with the same brand, type and dye lot even of wool as the sweater. I can only assume it's because there was more body to the sweater to allow for more agitation in the wash, hence more friction to the fibres resulting in more shrinkage. Well that's my theory anyway, and I'm going to stick with it! I really do love this sweater pattern though, and I think I might make another, but not in a wool yarn to felt -- this time I'll try a nice cotton or bamboo yarn instead and make a lighter weight springier looking hoodie, since Spring is going to be early this year, according to our beloved Wiarton Willie the groundhog that pokes his head out of his hole every Groundhog day here in Ontario to give his prediction!

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Statcounter surprise!

This is cool! I was just checking out the statistics on my stat counter to see what kind of hits I've had lately on my shop and this blog. So I see this one visitor to this blog on February 4th is from my home town -- Nanaimo, British Columbia. I thought for sure it was my sister checking to see if I had any new posts up, but then I noticed this person came in through a google search, and I knew it wasn't my sister then. Cool! They came up with this google search... This content is currently unavailable, which, when I clicked on that link made me happy to know that my post I did titled "Thith content ith currently unavailable" when I was frustrated with trying to watch the Price is Right show at the CBS website. I guess I'm not the only one out here that gets frustrated by hearing those annoying words when trying to see something online, because that has been searched many times, according to my stats. I was just excited to see that this time it was someone from my home town that visited this blog that time. Hello Nanaimo, whoever you are!! :-)


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It's a beautiful day!

It's nice and sunny out. I hear some birds chirping too. Mind you, there's still snow on the ground, and on my car, and I'm not sure if it's cold out or not. However, all kinds of icky gunky and sometimes a little chunky stuff is coming out of my nose and being horked up from my lungs. What a beautiful welcomed sight that is! As gross as it is, at least I know this nasty clinging swirly cold is finally breaking up and coming out! YAY!!! I'm sick of being sick!

I did do a little knitting while I've been in bed this week. I'm almost finished the second sleeve of a sweater I started making myself in the early fall. Then I'll just have to put it together and knit up the collar and stitch on some buttons. It's a quick knit, because the yarn is quite bulky. But I have this bad habit of not following a pattern completely. I have this inner need to modify this, and tweek that, so the style suits my liking a wee bit more. This particular sweater was to be a bit longer, as in come down over the hips. Well, I didn't want that, so I shortened it up a few inches, and then I decided that I wanted more of a 3/4 length sleeve, rather than long sleeves. This is where my problem came in. I had to modify the stitches and the increases, in order to end up with the proper sized top of the sleeve, that will fit the sleeve opening on the sweater. Before I went to Cuba back in November, I did the first sleeve, and was very careful to make sure I wrote down exactly what I was doing for when it came time to make the next sleeve. So I went on my vacation, and when I got back it was that time of year to put all my free attention towards Christmas, so the sweater got further tossed back on my list of to-dos. A couple weeks ago, I got back to it, and was devastated to find that I had lost my crib notes on my sleeve modifications! Ack! Now I had to read the actual knitting on the first sleeve, which is something I'm not real good at. I lose track when I'm counting, or I get off track by a column or two, altering the count. To make matters worse, this sweater is brown, so the darker color is even worse for me to try to count, with my eyes not being the greatest. Yes, I do have to get to an optometrist real soon! Anyway, the other day, after I finished knitting a wool hat for hubby, and I was feeling a little bit better at the time, I tackled this sleeve again, and I think I've finally got it! So I have a few more rows to knit up now, and hopefully I'll still get to wear this sweater before the warm weather gets here again! I'd take a picture of the hat I made (on one of those big corking rings) but hubby is out right now, and appears to have his new hat on.

Until next time...


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Friday, February 08, 2008

Cough, gag, sputter, sputter, cough, cough

Man oh man, I've been down with a nasty cold all week. It seems as I get older these damn colds really seem to knock me on my ass when I get them now. They never used to stop me before. Maybe slow me down a bit, but that's about it. Now though, I'm literally put to bed by them, and they seem to last longer too. This one started on me last weekend. I had a bit of a sore throat when I was out at a friend's place last Saturday night, and woke up Sunday to a sore throat and my entire body aching from head to toe. I went to work Monday, and ended up coming home early. Well, if you can call an hour and a half really early, but that was the earliest I could get out of there. Straight to bed is where I went, and I slept through that night and the next day. Wednesday I felt a wee bit better in the latter part of the day, and then I felt like major crap yesterday morning, so another full day of sleep in bed. I thought for sure I would be able to go to work this morning, but it seems this cold has swirled once again, and it's gone from my throat and chest yesterday back to my head -- runny nose, sinus headache and sneezing again. What the hell? Are these cold strains getting worse as the years go by, or is old age creeping up on me with a vengence and my body is weakening to the point of not being able to fight back like I used to be able to? I'm really getting tired of this nasty bed head hair I have from sleeping so much!