Saturday, February 09, 2008

It's a beautiful day!

It's nice and sunny out. I hear some birds chirping too. Mind you, there's still snow on the ground, and on my car, and I'm not sure if it's cold out or not. However, all kinds of icky gunky and sometimes a little chunky stuff is coming out of my nose and being horked up from my lungs. What a beautiful welcomed sight that is! As gross as it is, at least I know this nasty clinging swirly cold is finally breaking up and coming out! YAY!!! I'm sick of being sick!

I did do a little knitting while I've been in bed this week. I'm almost finished the second sleeve of a sweater I started making myself in the early fall. Then I'll just have to put it together and knit up the collar and stitch on some buttons. It's a quick knit, because the yarn is quite bulky. But I have this bad habit of not following a pattern completely. I have this inner need to modify this, and tweek that, so the style suits my liking a wee bit more. This particular sweater was to be a bit longer, as in come down over the hips. Well, I didn't want that, so I shortened it up a few inches, and then I decided that I wanted more of a 3/4 length sleeve, rather than long sleeves. This is where my problem came in. I had to modify the stitches and the increases, in order to end up with the proper sized top of the sleeve, that will fit the sleeve opening on the sweater. Before I went to Cuba back in November, I did the first sleeve, and was very careful to make sure I wrote down exactly what I was doing for when it came time to make the next sleeve. So I went on my vacation, and when I got back it was that time of year to put all my free attention towards Christmas, so the sweater got further tossed back on my list of to-dos. A couple weeks ago, I got back to it, and was devastated to find that I had lost my crib notes on my sleeve modifications! Ack! Now I had to read the actual knitting on the first sleeve, which is something I'm not real good at. I lose track when I'm counting, or I get off track by a column or two, altering the count. To make matters worse, this sweater is brown, so the darker color is even worse for me to try to count, with my eyes not being the greatest. Yes, I do have to get to an optometrist real soon! Anyway, the other day, after I finished knitting a wool hat for hubby, and I was feeling a little bit better at the time, I tackled this sleeve again, and I think I've finally got it! So I have a few more rows to knit up now, and hopefully I'll still get to wear this sweater before the warm weather gets here again! I'd take a picture of the hat I made (on one of those big corking rings) but hubby is out right now, and appears to have his new hat on.

Until next time...


p.s. for some reason the spell checker doesn't want to work here all of a sudden, so I apologize for any typos I have committed!

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