Saturday, February 09, 2008

Statcounter surprise!

This is cool! I was just checking out the statistics on my stat counter to see what kind of hits I've had lately on my shop and this blog. So I see this one visitor to this blog on February 4th is from my home town -- Nanaimo, British Columbia. I thought for sure it was my sister checking to see if I had any new posts up, but then I noticed this person came in through a google search, and I knew it wasn't my sister then. Cool! They came up with this google search... This content is currently unavailable, which, when I clicked on that link made me happy to know that my post I did titled "Thith content ith currently unavailable" when I was frustrated with trying to watch the Price is Right show at the CBS website. I guess I'm not the only one out here that gets frustrated by hearing those annoying words when trying to see something online, because that has been searched many times, according to my stats. I was just excited to see that this time it was someone from my home town that visited this blog that time. Hello Nanaimo, whoever you are!! :-)


curses to the spell checker here at Blogger for still not working! :-P

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