Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Thith content ith currently unavailable

What's up with CBS already? Geez! I went there just now to catch the season premiere show of Price is Right with Drew Carey (I love that guy!), and although their website claims you can watch the same days show after 3pm PST, I can never seem to view any show there, ever! Grrr!!! That show aired yesterday, so I'm well past the 3pm yesterday time right now, and all I get to hear is that annoying chick with the lisp that says, "Thith content ith currently unavailable." I was getting that the other day when I was trying to watch last weeks Survivor China episode too, from when I crashed and missed the whole damn show, and still I can't view it. I know that Dave the bartender dude was ousted, but I'd still like to see the damn show! I wish CBS would get their shit together and get theth contenth available for poor thapth like me that mithed the original airing!


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