Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Sex, lies and drug addiction

I felt so sorry for this old man that came into the bank today. He's an elderly foreign man, that doesn't speak much English. His son was with him, and they were checking on a couple of accounts he has with us, that were joint with his daughter, as he spends a few months in his homeland each year, and she looks after his finances and bills and such while he's gone.

Well it appears that this daughter of his has gone off the edge and has managed to drag her poor father down with her. She's completely stripped his accounts and put them in overdraft to the maximum. She didn't pay any of his bills while he was away since the beginning of July, so he came home to a pile of collection letters and cut off notices. And now, she seems to have vanished out of town and they're trying to find her. She's somewhere out there, because she's been using the debit card to take money out when his pension cheques are deposited. Her brother found out that she's addicted to cocaine, and that's where all this money has gone -- to support her habit. He also heard that she's been stripping for money as well. They want to try and find her and get her into some sort of drug rehabilitation program. I know this girl from her coming to the bank, and she's a beautiful woman that used to be very responsible. It's terrible to hear of someone like that falling dependent on drugs like this and screwing up their lives. She's not only hurting herself, but her family too. How sad is it that drugs can make you steal from your own father like that. Her poor old father looked so sad today. It hurt to see him like that. I hope they find her and get her the help she needs.


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