Tuesday, October 16, 2007

That's heavy!

We have a TV in our bedroom, as I'm sure most people do these days. Ours is a biggie though, for a bedroom anyway. It's a 27 inch, but it's the old fashioned picture tube bulky kind of TV, and it's heavy! Not only the fact that it's heavy, but it takes up a lot of dresser room, and I have to have the dresser pulled out from the wall so that bulky protruding back will fit in without the TV falling off the front of the dresser! Now that I'm going to re-do the room, I was thinking that it would be nice to have an LCD TV that I could hang on the wall, and get my dresser top back for other things, like maybe a nice plant, or a cool piece of art, or even nothing! I'm going to check out the pricing on them and see if I can work it in the budget. Thing is, after having the 27 inch, I don't really want to go any smaller. The old eyes aren't as good as they used to be, and I know from staying at my sisters when I'm out west every summer, that I don't want a smaller TV like her 15 inch. It's too hard to see, especially when you're trying to read an on-screen menu. We use our bedroom TV quite a bit when both of us are at home and we don't agree on what we want to watch. I'll check out the flyers this week when they come in, and hope that someone has a good sale on. It would be way cool if I could get a good deal on a TV/DVD combo unit. Not that I need the DVD player, but it would still be cool though.


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