Tuesday, October 16, 2007

What the hell???

Grrr!!! I'm pissed right now! It's Tuesday night and time for The Biggest Loser to be on, but instead, hogging my channel 2 is some special about Idaho Senator Larry Craig, trying to convince America that he's not some gay dude having sex in public washrooms. I certainly don't give a rat's ass whether he's getting his dick shined in a men's room or not. And then on channel 12, the other station that is supposed to have The Biggest Loser on, there's some interview with John Stamos and his life on TV. Again, who cares?!! I hate it when shit like this happens. These stations better be airing The Biggest Loser at 9 or I'm afraid of what I might do to my TV!!!



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Olivia said...

Well that's a nice comment, and I see you've put that down anonymously. Larry, is that you?