Thursday, October 18, 2007

Survivor night

So another episode of Survivor aired tonight, and I managed to stay awake for it too! Yay! However, I did miss about 20 minutes or so of it in the middle. My brother called me from out west. He said he just had to tell me about his day today. He's on holidays this week, so him and my sister-in-law decided to go to the casino today and try their luck in the daytime. They usually go at night on a weekend. Well didn't he win, and came home up $1200! I know it's not a huge win for a casino, but we just play the smaller machines, and the funny thing this win is that he was the one that hit the jackpot! He usually is the one to loose the money and his wife is the one that hits the jackpots the odd time. So he was pretty excited about this win!

Then he went on to tell me that he was in a golf tournament through his work this past weekend, and he won a Mizuno golf driver. Now I play golf myself, but I'm not up on all the high-tech gear, but when he told me this driver is worth almost $400, I couldn't believe it! My measly set of clubs -- all of them, and the bag too only cost me about $400, so I can't imagine having one club alone worth that much! I would be scared to use it, in case I got a mark on it! He said he's not sure if he's going to keep it or not. He said he already has a good driver -- a Big Bertha, so he may sell this Mizuno club. I guess this must be his lucky week! Way to go, Bro!


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