Thursday, October 18, 2007

I don't know about this...

Check this out... If you always wanted a Lamborghini so you could have those cool doors, but can't afford such a car, there's still hope for you. Even if you drive a Pontiac Sunfire like me, we can have those cool doors. Although I'm not too sure about them on my Sunfire. They just seem to lose something without that sleek sexy look of a Lamborghini. But if they're something you would like, you can pick up a pair of vertical doors at the Wood Dash Experts.

They've got some real nice dash kits, and some cool billet grilles as well. Now those are things I may consider for my car. A polished wood dash would be pretty cool, and stainless steel grills would help with stones that get kicked up on the highway. Then again, a Lamborghini would be nice too! A girl can dream! ;-)


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