Friday, October 19, 2007

A crappy ending to a good week

I was so pissed at work today. One of our tellers is off on a mini vacation to Vegas this weekend, so she wasn't there yesterday or today. Our replacement was this annoying woman, to put it nicely, that takes forever with the clients, and is nothing more than a back-stabbing phony brown-noser! I can't stand this woman. She gets coddled at all the branches she works at because she sucks so much management ass! The last time she was at our branch, I had some words with her, so she had refused to come back and work for us again. Good! I would rather work alone than work with her! Well our manager must have done some smoothing of her feathers and managed to have her fill in these two shifts this week. Yippee...

So today, while the other teller was on her lunch break, and this one is taking forever with this one client trying to suck them in for every financial product that we offer, I get a client that had some serious problems with her bank books. Someone at one point, back in June for pete sakes had messed up her books when they went to update them, and got them switched around. This poor old woman was so confused when she came in today, and of course doesn't speak very good English or understand a lot either. We have a lot of older foreign clients at our branch, due to being very closely located for both the Italian and Polish communities. Anyway, the line up started getting very long, and at this point our other staff, manager included are supposed to come out and help out with the line up, helping people that maybe just need a book updated, or are making a deposit, paying a bill from their account -- basically anything that doesn't require them to need cash to give to these clients. Well nobody came to help out.

After about 10 - 15 minutes or so, I finally get this poor old lady's books straightened out so she understands what's happening, and little miss phony is still trying to sell the same damned client she's been serving another visa card! So I get to start trying to run this line up through my wicket, and didn't every damned one of them freak out on me for having to wait so long! Of course they did, and so they should be mad. I'd be pissed off too if I had to wait like they did! The worst though was this one guy that has a business account with us, and has banked with us for close to 30 years, and all that time he never ever complains about having to wait. We're a pretty busy branch for the most part, so waiting is nothing new, but waiting 17 minutes to do a 20 second transaction that he did is a bit much. I felt so sorry for these people, and tried my best to apologize for the lack of service they received. Worst of it was, do you think one single person complained to the phony bitch working next to me? Nada one! Let me tell you, I was never so happy to see today end! I need a drink!


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