Monday, October 15, 2007

Saving your more money!

I love finding more sites that can help save money. And with Christmas coming sooner than you think, it's nice to be able to go to a place to get a deal for your holiday shopping. is another coupon site that steers you in the direction of money saving coupons and deals to make your pocketbook a little happier while you're playing Santa. You can pick up some good Chadwick's coupons there for the fashionista on your list. Or maybe your kid needs a computer... they have some great HP coupons there too. Of course I'm partial to HP (both my desktop and laptop are HP models, and the next ones will be too), and they have coupons for other computer shops as well, but I love it when I can find an HP discount when I'm on the hunt for a new system. One thing I like about this site is they have a link to "today's new coupons", which is good to see what the latest deals are. Oh, and since I mentioned Christmas, did I also mention coupons for the Disney store? They got 'em! Go grab 'em!


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