Sunday, January 27, 2008


pro·duc·tive: \prə-ˈdək-tiv, prō-\
1: having the quality or power of
producing especially in abundance
effective in bringing about

3 a: yielding results, benefits, or profits b: yielding or
devoted to the satisfaction of wants or the creation of utilities

4: continuing to be used in
the formation of new words or constructions

5: raising mucus or sputum (as from the

Oh yuck on number 5! The kind of productive I'm referring to here today is more of a number 3 I guess. What I'm getting at, is that today is turning out to be a productive day for me. I'm multi-tasking here, and getting a good amount of tasks accomplished. In other words, I've managed to keep my ass out of the Pogo website so I can get some stuff done! Yes, I've ended up reviving my addiction to playing online games at Pogo again. It's fun, but it doesn't get stuff done!

So today, as most Sundays are around here is laundry day, and I started out with a nice mountain of it today! But while I've been doing the laundry chores, I've been getting other things done as well. Had the oven on cleaning cycle, the dishwasher going, and pre-sprayed my bathroom down with Tilex, wiped down the kitchen then swept and mopped the floors throughout the main part of the house. That's like what... five or six different tasks going all at once?! Cool! Work smarter, not harder! Once I was done with the floors I went and finished off the bathroom, then unloaded the clean dishes from the dishwasher. Still switching laundry loads, I did some dusting and then I decided to sit on my butt and finish off the last sleeve on a sweater that I have been crocheting. But even though I was sitting on my butt, I was still multitasking. While crocheting, I sat at the computer, and watched an episode of
Celebrity Apprentice online that I had missed on TV. After that, I went on the hunt for the first episode of Moment of Truth, which is a new reality TV game show that aired this past Wednesday on Fox. My sister was telling me about it last night on the phone, and I wanted to see if I could find any video coverage of it online. I managed to find an 8 minute condensed clip of the first show at YouTube, so I watched that, and decided it will be part of my Wednesday night line up! You can view the entire episode at Fox on demand, but I didn't bother attempting to download the player you need there, because it never worked for me on my old computer, and I don't want to clutter this one up with a bunch of useless crap!

Anyway, now I've got my sweater in the wash, being felted. I should have taken a before picture of it, but apparently I wasn't thinking at the time! It's green though -- I used the same green wool that I made the little felted Mary Jane slippers out of, that I posted previously. I hope it looks good after the felting process, because it sure was cute before! It's a little hoodie sweater. Aww, simply adorable! Anyway, I'll post a pic here when it's done... if it turns out okay! ;-)


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