Sunday, July 02, 2006

Happy Birthday to ME!!!

Go Olivia, it's your birthday, go Olivia, it's your birthday! Yippee, it's my birthday, and it's gorgeous outside today! I'm heading out for breakie in a couple minutes, but wanted to share some new designs, in a couple new sections at my shop at Cafepress.

The first three are from my 50's retro humor section. A little bit of 50's meets 21st Century urban slang in the first one, with "Oh no, you di'n't!" I thought the 50's coffee dude was cool, so I did the "Coffee... it keeps me regular", and of course the age old question from every mom... "Do you have clean underwear on? You never know when you're going to be in an accident." Chances are, if I'm in an accident, my undies will no longer be clean, but here's a reminder on the 3rd one!

Then, I started an Adult Humor section. I've got three designs up so far... "Fork Ewe" -- A nicer way of getting your point across; "Who the hell is Pedro?" Pedro; that guy sure is one popular dude! He seems to be very well known! And then, "Do I look like a fucking people person?" Perfect for the grumpy anti-social person!

Anyway, gotta run for now for my birthday breakie!

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