Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Women's safety while driving.

I promise this will be the last post for a bit to do with a car insurance rate or any other car insurance talk! But I had forgot to mention something I read in the web release for carinsurance.com that I found interesting. It was about this product that you can get called "Buddy on Demand". What it is, is a safety product for women when they are driving alone, particularly at night. You flick a switch, and your male buddy inflates itself, becoming your male passenger, so you don't look like you're travelling solo. Kinda funky, kinda kooky, but hey, if it works to deter any wrong-doings by a not-nicer thinking you're not alone, then why not be a little kooky. I wonder though if he's a back seat driver though, like my husband when he's in the passenger seat ... turn here, turn there, the light is turning, how fast are you going, watch out for that car!! :-)

Okay, no more insurance talk! At least until I tell my husband about the quotes I got!

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