Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Australian diver meets great white shark head to mouth!

WOW! Have you seen or heard the news about Australian abalone diver Eric Nerhus? He was attacked by a great white shark while on a dive earlier today. And he lived to tell about it! Apparently, his entire head and part of his torso met the inside of the 10 foot shark's mouth in two separate bites. That shark was trying to swallow him like human sushi! Nerhus managed to poke the big old shark in the eye, causing the water beast to release his grip, which enabled the diver to swim to the safety of his boat.

I snagged a video here for you to check out the whole story...

They say shark attacks are quite common on the Australian coast, with an average of 15 attacks per year. This rates Austrailia one of the highest in the world for shark attacks.

(Note to self: If I should ever make it Down Under, remember to keep all water activities limited to the hotel swimming pool!)


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