Monday, January 29, 2007

Baby, it's cold outside

Good Monday everyone. I made a huge mistake over the weekend. I didn't drive my car since I parked it in the driveway when I came home from work Friday. On Saturday it snowed a bit, but yesteday, we had a blizzard! I had pondered going out last night before I went to bed to clear off my car of what snow had accumulated on it by that time, but I was too lazy to get dressed and go outside, so I didn't. Well, didn't I sleep in a bit this morning, so I ended up doing the mad scramble, and then had to clear off my car so I could go to work. There must have been about 10 inches of snow on it!!! And it was cold...freezing cold! Temps were hovering at about -10 Celcius, but that nasty windchill factor factored itself in today, making it feel more like about -18 or so. Brrr! And I'm freezing right this minute and dreading the thought of changing into my bathing suit to go out for Aquafit. I hope the pool is heated nicely tonight, and I hope the damn showers have some hot water to them tonight! Last time there was no hot water for some reason. I hate that. I have to wash the chlorine out of my hair, and I don't like having to dry off, get dressed, only to come home and undress to jump in the shower!


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