Wednesday, January 17, 2007

January online earnings so far...

Well, this month started off pretty slow, as far as making any extra money to go towards my debts, but it's starting to shape up nicely. I was getting concerned at first, but now things seem to be clipping along fine.

My Funky Olive Shop had a real slow down after Christmas, but the past week or so, things are getting back to more of a normal, with sales every day, which is nice. I was thinking I may not reach minimum payout for this month, but a few nice sales came in this week, as well as some affilate sales, so there is no worry there now of skipping a month without a check.

My posts at Helium are doing good. As you may recall, at the start of the month I was hoping to reach the $25. minimum payout, and have surpassed that. I'm curently about 30¢ from the $30. mark, and I'm certain I'll reach that by the time I request payout for month end this weekend.

I've made about $120. so far from blogging with my two paid to blog companies I'm working with -- Blogitive and PayPerPost. I did sign up for another two companies, but the one is still pending, and I'm waiting for assignments to start on the other one, but considering my blog was just approved this morning, I assume it will take a couple days or so before any come my way.

I still haven't listed anything at eBay yet this month, but I'm hoping I can get some organizing and listings done this weekend. Lord knows I have the stuff to sell!

So while I won't be paying off all the debts this month, or retiring next month, I am still happy with the progress so far, and am looking forward to what the next few months will bring. :-)


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