Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Today isn't Yesterday

Yesterday at work was a day from hell. My boss was moody again, and all day I was thinking, I'm going to start keeping track of her mood swings. I was really thinking they must be pms related.

But it was a weird day all around. People were coming into the bank, in droves, it was really busy, and they weren't doing regular banking for the most part. It seemed that every second person I served had some whacked out strange kind of problem, which resulted in their time at my wicket being much longer than usual. I'm pretty good at wisking people along when we're busy like that. But not yesterday. And my partner in crime, so to speak, is on holidays this week, which left us with our slow girl, and a retiree that is filling this week while my soul sister kind of co-worker is enjoying R&R. Needless to say, because of all the craziness that I had coming to my wicket, we were backed up all day long. Top this off with my printer spazzing out for most of the day. Ugh!

Then, when the day was finally over, and we were out of the building heading to our cars I said to a co-worker, "Well look at that... it is a full moon! No wonder it was crazy today!" Isn't it kind of funny how a full moon does seem to have some strange kind of impact on your day? It seems to mine, anyway. Not only at this job, but at my last job of 13 years as well, which was working with the public too.

Anyway, I have to wonder now if perhaps my boss' moodiness may have something to do with the moon phases instead? Perhaps she's really a werewolf?! I don't know, but I do know that she has regular bouts of moodiness. Overall, she's a great boss, and one of the most organized people I have ever worked with, but the mood swings I can do without. So when I went into work this morning, I had it all planned. I had my mind made up that if she was going to be miserable while we were opening the vault this morning, I was going to confront her about this, because the rest of us at the branch are sick and tired of it. She was all chipper and happy. Figures!

Then, at our morning meeting, she said she had to discuss something with us that was a little on the personal side. We all thought she was going to apologize for her mood swings or something. Nope, she told us she's leaving our branch to take on a different role within the bank. Shit! Like I said, overall she's a great boss, it's just the mood swings. But now, we don't know what we're in for with whomever will be replacing her.

So we've got until the 26th of this month to worry about what's next in store for us. And as for keeping track of the mood swings, well, it's kind of a moot point now.


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