Sunday, January 07, 2007

Weekend update

I had a pretty lazy weekend. Friday night I was so exhausted from work, that I ended up sleeping all evening. I woke up early Saturday morning, and went out on some errands. I had to get a new bathing suit for my aquafit class because the chlorine has done a number on my old one. Why the hell does that happen? It's like the chlorine literally eats all the spandex away. My top is fine, but the bottom is hardly there at all, and once it gets wet, its like it literally sags down to my knees! Ok, maybe I'm exaggerating a wee bit, but it certainly ain't pretty! So I bought a cheap suit at Wally World. I figure if its just going to be destroyed in the pool I'm not going to put out a lot of money for it. I'll get a better suit for beach wear in the Spring when the stores bring out the new styles. They're just starting to bring out old stock from last year around here.

I also picked up three cool quilting booklets too. I have one of the hugest fabric stashes around, and thought perhaps I'd put together a quilt or two for gifts next year at Christmas. One of the booklets I picked up is called Color Crazy Quilts, and is by
Linda Lum DeBono. It has eight different designs, and although most of them are more geared to younger people, like little girls or teens, I just loved her use of colors, and thought I'd grab the booklet anyway for inspiration. Another booklet is called Cut, Sew, Quilt As You Go by Sheri Bignell. It has six projects, and they are all different rag quilts with appliques. These are different rag quilts than what I have seen before, as they aren't done in the usual same sized squares, with the fraying on the edge as well. These have binded edges, and the pieces are all different sizes, to make borders and such. I thought they were really nice, and one in particular has such a nice color choice, and I think I have the perfect fabric to make something similar. I didn't care for the appliques on that quilt, but I can always change that. The last booklet is from Better Homes and Gardens and is called Quilted Gifts. There are several different projects in it, and not all are full sized quilts. There's a really cool scarf, and this one pillow I liked, and I'm planning on making a similar one of those for my mother in law. See, that's the problem with me. I see something I like, but I can never make it as it is. I always have to change something to the pattern or instructions, but it's the inspiration that theses pictures give me! So why did I buy the books then? Because my memory any more sucks, and had I not bought them, by the time I did go to make something, if I even remembered that I wanted to make it, I wouldn't be able to remember what I saw in the first place! So I buy them for the ideas, and then after I do what I want to do from this inspiration they gave me, I'll either give the booklets to a friend, or sell them on eBay or in a garage sale.

So, for the rest of my weekend, I did squat. Oh, the usual laundry and housework of course, but that's nothing new. I played several hands of poker at
Pogo in between laundry loads. I was supposed to go to the funeral home today, but was too lazy to get dressed, so I'll slip out to the funeral tomorrow instead. It's happening during my regular lunch hour anyway, so I just may be a couple minutes late getting back. I think they owe me that much for all the times I've worked alone at times! My friend's mother passed away on Friday, in case you're wondering who the funeral is for.

Other than that, my weekend was pretty much non-exciting. I was planning on calling my sister out west, but didn't even have the gumption to yak on the phone for the hour or so it would have been. (We never have short calls!) And now the weekend has come and gone, and the reality that my damned alarm clock will be nagging me in the morning pretty much sucks!


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