Saturday, February 10, 2007

Argghh!! I have to rant!

I am so sick and tired of opening my email box to find that I've received yet another one of those annoying eBay messages. You know the ones that these idiots send out in hopes that anyone is as stupid as them as to believe that their message about non payment, or whatever else they send is an actual message. Friggin' jerks... don't send me any more of your garbage!

Crap sakes, I haven't listed or bought anything on eBay for months now. I really wish eBay would crack down and get serious about these posers trying to suck money and information out of people. Don't they realize their name is in jeopardy with everyone of these fake emails sent? I swear to God I must receive at least ten of them daily. Yeah, I could block them from reaching my inbox, but since I do buy and sell on eBay at times, I don't really want to do that. And I'm past the point of forwarding these rubbish mailings to since it doesn't do any damned bit of good anyway.

So a message to those dim-wits that think they can possibly get away with this kind of crap... get a job... get a real job, ya fuckin' plug scumbags!


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