Saturday, February 10, 2007

Spawn of the DEVIL?

Have you heard the latest news about Karla Homolka, aka Karly Curls, aka She Devil, aka murderer of three (that we know of) innocent girls -- one being her own sister? Apparently, this evil wicked wench has given birth to a baby boy. Well isn't that just ironic? She who takes lives is now giving life?

"Homolka has said that she dreamed of meeting a new husband and having a baby ever since she was first imprisoned in 1993."

How nice for you Karla. Did you ever think about the dreams of Leslie Mahaffy? What about Kristen French's dreams? Or how about your own sister Tammy's dreams? Obviously not, you self-centered mentally deranged murderess! But hey, as long as your dreams are met, what does it matter of the dreams of those other poor girls. Obviously nothing, for you have no remorse for the heinous acts you committed with that weasel Paul.

I tell you, with the news of Anna Nicole Smith's death this week
(God rest her soul), everyone seems to have the same thoughts of how sorry they feel for her precious daughter Dannielynn Hope. And yes, I feel very bad for this adorable little baby having to grow up without her mommy, I can't help but feel more sorry for the alleged son of Karla having to grow up having the Devil for a mother.


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