Friday, March 09, 2007

Survivor Fiji

Wow! I think Rita was pretty shocked when she was voted off Survivor Fiji last night. Did you hear her rambling on to Michelle about how she looks high maintenance, but she's not? Just a little lip gloss and she's ready to go! And this guy calls her up and asks her out to lunch, blah, blah, blah... I feel sorry for the guys of the Ravu tribe, because she was making me crazy with her babbling. I think she just talks to hear herself, because who really gives a shit!

That reward challenge was insane I think! The poor Ravu tribe is made up of such light-weights compared to the Moto tribe, and even more so now since they're bloody starving! And that platform was full of slippery mud after the first two went head to head, how could any of them get any kind of grip to try to fight back? Woohoo for Yauman though -- he showed Stacy he's a man by being the only Ravu member to knock one of them off the platform! Go Yahman! I think Rocky is losing it a little with lack of nourishment? He was really pissed at Dreamz when they started the challenge.

Then I was really hoping the Ravu tribe would win the immunity challenge, with it not being a physical challenge. It was so close, and I can't help but feel sorry for Rocky for screwing it up, and Moto taking the win -- again! You could tell he was sick about it too, and I know if I were in his shoes I would have been sick about it too.

It looks like we have no Survivor next week, or at least not a new episode. I wonder if they will be showing a re-cap show? I do know that I'll be waiting impatiently for the 21st to get here to see what happens next, because from the looks of the preview, there is some kind of shake up between the tribes! That should be interesting!


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