Monday, April 30, 2007

Hungry little birds!

Yesterday I had mentioned I was out in the yard all day, and that I had filled my bird feeders. I have three of them, and two suet holders. Well those little birds must be some hungry this year, because two of the feeders that I have regular bird seed in are almost empty, and one of them is a 2 litre pop bottle!! I sat out yesterday and watched them feed, and again at lunch time today. So far I've seen the golden finches (they're so pretty!), woodpeckers at the suet, starlings, chickadees, mourning doves and a cardinal. I took some pictures of them yesterday when I was out there. Here they are for you to have a look at what I get to see outside my bedroom window...

When I first took my camera outside, this is what I saw... three mourning doves perched on a branch. They reminded me of The Partridge Family!

And then of course there's Mr. Squinky, as I've so named a pesky squirrel that likes to wreak a little havoc on the bird feeders. He's a bit of a weeny though, because when the birds come to the feeder while he's getting closer, he scampers away, the little chicken shit!

These pictures show so small in this blog. Click on them to get a better view. I love my little feathered friends, and I especially love waking up to them singing!


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chocolatbabe said...

Oh my goodness!! You are so lucky to have such a scene everytime u look out of the window in the morning. I think my cats would enjoy it too, so *shaking head* I cant have bird feeders...