Friday, April 20, 2007

Payperpost the next Google?

I was checking out a few things, like blog posts and such at the Payperpost site, where they pay people with blogs to write about different companies and websites. They've been growing quite rapidly recently and are probably the biggest paid to blog companies around the net. So it seems they are branching out and have a just recently purchased another company. Which company is it, they won't say right now. All they're saying is that the official announcement of this new acquisition will be made next week. Naturally everyone is trying to figure it out first before they go public. My guess is they've likely purchased a company that would go hand in hand with the Payperpost company. Perhaps some sort of tracking company to aid in ranking bloggers blogs, and such, something like Alexa or Technorati. If they had their own company like this where they could fine tune to create their own custom tracking information is basically what I'm thinking about. I think this would be a good idea for Payperpost to have, as all of us who blog for them have certain ranking requirements in order to qualify for an opportunity. But then again, who really knows until they formally announce the news. It could be something completely unrelated to the whole blogging world as we know it, like how Google buys up hot companies -- YouTube comes to mind. Maybe Payperpost will grow so big that they'll be like the next Google and start buying up other hot online companies! One thing that is certain though... we'll all find out next week!


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