Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Long weekends are the greatest!

We just had our first major long weekend that kicks off summer here in Canada, and for the most part, the weather was great! I went and bought my flowers on Saturday, and it was insanely busy at the greenhouses. I guess not too many people went away this weekend to cottages like is ordinarily custom. Of course the gas stations all jacked the price of gas up mid-week last week, so that was probably a good deterrent for people travelling. So back the flowers, I did up four planters with an assortment of plants. I gave two away; one to my mother in law and one to the mother of a friend of mine, because she's always so nice to me, and always seems to think of me when she's out somewhere by picking up something to give me because it reminded her of me. She loved it, my mother in law loved hers and I love mine, so everyone is happy! I'll have to take a picture to show, but for some reason I didn't take any pictures at all this weekend. Anyway, today was back to work. Uggh! But at least it's a short week!


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