Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Something's happening...

I just got home from visiting a friend of mine this evening. I had gone over there to pick up a double mock orange shrub that she had split in her garden, and was giving me my own to plant at home. The flowers smell so pretty... just like jasmine!

Anyway, when I was going to leave, we noticed a police car at the end of her road. I went the other way, and turned to go out to the main street, where I actually have another friend live on that corner. When I got to that point, there were three more police cars, and I noticed a car in the ditch. I could only assume the police were there because of this car, and it didn't look that bad, because it's a low and wider ditch, so it looked like it could be driven out. But then I thought it could have been a senior or something that perhaps had a heart attack while driving. There was no ambulance, and no police mulling about, so I assume they were sitting in their cars. So I turned around, since they were blocking the way for me to turn on the main street, and headed back to go down my friend's street that I had just been at. I went to the other end of her street and noticed that original police car was actually parked in the middle of the street. Strange, I thought, since why would he have to block that street off for a car that is in the ditch a few streets away. I turned on that main street, went to the lights and turned onto the main street I was originally trying to turn on. I passed the three police cars, and then as I continued up the road, I noticed every single side street I passed had another police car parked in the middle of the road, and all of these patrol cars had their lights flashing by the way. I passed a school, which had two more flashing light cars. There was virtually at least one police cruiser at ever road or way out of this entire block, and it's quite a large block as well. When I got to the next intersecting main street, I glanced down and saw more flashing lights at the side streets that came out of this block at that main road too.

I haven't a clue what's going on, and it's driving me crazy! I hate not knowing things like this, particularly if they are looking for someone, like if some deranged criminal is on the loose in this block. We live in the next block over, so it's still pretty close, and I'd like to know if I should be on guard for someone to come to my yard. Oh well, I'll have to watch the news at 11 tonight and see if there is anything on there about all this. Probably not though, and I doubt if there will be anything in the paper tomorrow either. Our local paper leaves a lot to be desired. So I'll try to sleep tonight wondering if our neighbourhood is in any danger!


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