Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Time for another Norwex show!

Yes, I have to admit that I now swear by Norwex products for cleaning, but these parties after awhile seem to turn into a vicious circle. I'm going to another one tonight, which I think is the last one for me for awhile. I've been to three of them since I was first introduced to their products. Tonight I'm going to purchase the mop package, and that should be it for me for needing any other products from them for a bit. Everything I have purchased from them so far has been amazing. If you haven't ever tried them out, I strongly suggest you try out the Enviro cloth/window cloth combo. You just won't believe your eyes how perfect this combo gets your windows, mirrors and all your shiny chrome so very easily with little effort and only water as a cleaning solvent. Unbelievable, but very true! And the face cloths I absolutely love! With only water, you can take off the most stubborn of all waterproof mascaras, and your face feels and looks like you've had a facial after you've washed with one of them! I also have these little silver scrubby kind of covered sponges that are great little tools. I use one to clean my smooth top stove, as although it has scrubby qualities, it will not scratch, and hasn't either! I'm not much of a tea drinker, but I've heard from tea drinkers, chronic tea drinkers actually that they work great for getting tea stains out of the sink too. I know they work great on the sinks, but mine aren't tea stained! I have the hand mitt duster too that is so soft to wear on your hand, and works great for dry dusting, especially the black surfaces you might have, such as a TV cabinet or any dark furniture, which I have some of. Anyway, their products are great, and I highly recommend them.


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