Thursday, July 26, 2007

Going South...

This one very nice couple that comes into the bank now and then were in today to get some US cash for their trip down to North Carolina. They were telling myself and the other girls that they have a Wilmington NC real estate agent lined up to take them to view a few different new homes in that area. With the Canadian dollar being at an all time high in a few decades now, they've decided they are going to look for a vacation home where they will spend a few months in each year. They said they know most people around here opt for a home in Florida, but they've always liked North Carolina, and they like the prices of the real estate there. I guess so. They gave us the website to check out where they are going to be looking, and from what I can see, around $170 thousand will give them a nice brand new home minutes from the beach. You certainly can't get something like that around here, even with the six or seven cents exchange on the dollar. So we told this couple once they have a place and move in, we'll have to come down for a visit! They're so sweet. They told us the door is always open!


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