Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Here's my handicap...

My brother phoned me on the weekend and asked me if I was all packed for my trip home yet. Is he nuts? I don't pack until the last minute, ever! I like that one last freak session while I'm frantically throwing clothes into a suitcase and screeching that I don't have anything nice to wear!

So then he asks me if I'm going to bring my clubs with me. What? He wants me to bring Golf Equipment? That will cut into my allotted luggage and I always bring back more than I take, so I have to bring two suitcases! You know those all day shopping trips with the sisters and all! So he says he'd love to play a round of golf with me, and my nephew, his son, would love to see how his aunt putts on the greens! Oh god, I haven't been on the links in a couple years now! I used to golf in a ladies league at a local course here, but had to give that up when I started working at the bank because I couldn't make tee-off time since it's about an hour or so before I'm finished work. And the past couple years I haven't even had much time to get in a round on the weekends either, or had nobody to go with when I could go.

I told him I wouldn't bring my clubs, but I'll bring my shoes, and rent clubs there for a round. And I also told him they were to go easy on me and remember to give the lady as many mulligans as necessary! This should be fun though. I'm looking forward to it. It's something we've always said we should do, but never ended up doing because of time constraints. So this trip we'll go golfing the morning after we go for dinner and to a nearby casino. I'll be up at the crack of dawn and walking the course while my sister that will also be there will still be snoring, and then get up to a leisurely morning she'll spend with my sister in law. I think I better get out to the driving range this weekend and get a little practice in on my swing!


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