Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Pay to learn

I had a brilliant young lady come in at work today, and had a nice time chatting with her. She was making some payments on her student loans she has. I hadn't seen her since last summer, as she goes away to university. She was telling me this was her last year at the school in Ottawa, but she's going to do one or two years in Scotland. Now that she's home for the summer, she was lucky enough to get her old summer job back at a local golf course, where she makes some good money, which she was glad for, because she has quite a bit to pay off in education loans, especially with needing to borrow more for schooling overseas. I told her not to worry about it, and that she could always look into school loan consolidation down the road to help save her a little money in interest, and would give her the convenience of only having one payment a month to worry about. She thought that was a good idea for keeping better track of when to pay and how much is due each month, instead of having to remember this creditor and that, and the different due dates. And I reminded her too that come time when she's done school, she may be looking at other financial matters, such as a new vehicle for that new job in her field, or perhaps even buying her own house or condo, so it would be good to close out most of those credit files she has with her multiple student loans by consolidating them. Anyway, she's a nice bright girl, and I'm sure she's going to make a wonderful teacher when she's all done.


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