Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Someone for everyone

That old saying "there's someone out there for everyone" is so true, what with the Internet and all the different dating sites out there. You can pretty much find a dating site for any kind of person that you're looking for -- young, old, near, far, every race you can think of, and for all the different interests there are. Take for instance if you're hot into body art... well there is a site called tattoolovers.com where you can hook up with all kinds of tattoo singles. This would be a great site for my sister in law, but she's not looking for anyone right now. She's got a lot of tats though, and has had many of them before tattoos on women became popular. That must be the trendsetter in her! She does have a lot of nice artwork on her body though. Personally I don't have any tattoos. I had thought of getting one at one point, but then I chickened out. I'm just not that brave around needles! I'll just admire everyone else's body art!


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