Friday, October 05, 2007


Eeek!! No wonder why I don't want to do things anymore! Tonight, while I was watching my shows, I was being really good by doing little odds and ends during the commercials. So I had a couple of loads of laundry going, and at one point, I ran to the bedroom to get the second load of laundry I had waiting, so I could run downstairs and switch loads. There it was, in all it's hairy creepiness, a big humongous spider perched on the side of my bed!!! Oh my god, I didn't know whether to scream, to puke or to pass out! I'm telling you, he was huge! His body was probably about an inch long, and he had these long thick legs, making him about two inches long. Oh god, I just cringe at the thought of him! Of course I've got bare feet with just skimpy flip flops on, and as I looked down at my curled up toes, I knew I couldn't possibly knock it down and squash this dude! He was too big, and I was sure he would scurry up on my bare toes, which would of definitely put me into cardiac arrest! Now remember, I'm home alone right now, so I couldn't scream for hubby to come and save his damsel in distress. So I looked around and spotted a pair of shoes in my closet. I grabbed one, and very very quickly knocked that sucker down to the floor and in warp speed I whacked him about ten times. He was certainly not going to be sharing my bed with me tonight! But I have to say I got grossed out when I saw the mess of his gooey guts on the bottom of my shoe! Ick! I'm not normally afraid of spiders generally, but this creepy thing was more like a spider monster! I'll be giving the bed a full inspection before I slip in between the sheets tonight in case he left any friends or family behind!


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