Wednesday, October 24, 2007

California Wildfires

I've had CNN on since I've come home from work tonight, and my heart just aches for those people in Southern California that are living through these horrible fires. The pictures they keep showing are just devastating. I can't even imagine how huge and widespread these areas are that are being demolished by fire. It's very very sad to see.

Now they're saying that the fires in the San Diego area were possibly started through the hands of arsonists. That's just sickening to think that people could be that lacking brains to allow them to pull off crap like this. Have they no sense at all to think of the damage and loss to innocent people that their stupid prank has caused? CNN has just confirmed that arson was the cause, but I'm unsure if it was for all the fires burning. They said three different locations. I hope the FBI catches whoever the responsible culprit(s) are caught and dealt with appropriately.

Kudos to the hard working firemen that are working hours and hours to fight these fires. All my best to you heroes that you remain safe and injury free while you continue work like machines.


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