Friday, October 19, 2007

Just a donkey

I have to tell you about this little boy that was in the bank today with his mom. We've got some different Halloween rubber stamps for stamping the little one's hands when they come in. They love that! So while I was stamping this little guy's hand I was asking him what he wanted to dress up as for Halloween this year. He told me he wanted to be a donkey. So I asked him if wanted to be a donkey like Eeyore. He flat out told me no, he didn't want to be Eeyore; that he just wanted to be a donkey. His mom was then telling me she was having a hard time finding a costume for just a regular donkey; that all the costumes in the stores were of Eeyore of course. I told her to try online doing a search for animal masks or animal costumes. Surely there has to be a regular donkey costume or at least even a mask out there that she could order. Anyway, it was cute how matter of fact this little one was that he didn't want to be an Eeyore -- just a donkey.


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