Saturday, January 12, 2008

You taking your personal jetpack?

Or your own little personal commuter plane that looks like something out of the space age? Don't have one? Well, for a mere 50K or so, you can have your own Sky Commuter. That's if you have that kind of dough kicking around, because the dude that's selling the last prototype of this plane wants guaranteed funds, as in cash in person, or a certified bank draft. Steve is his name, and he sells on eBay under the name pro-amc. This auction is currently sitting at $48,200, and it ends on Monday, January 14, 2008 at precisely 07:51:56 am PST. He's got a whack of pictures to go with it, and as well a whack of replies he's made to questions and comments about this craft. It's pretty cool to check out. Click on the picture and it will whisk you away to the auction; at least for as long as the link and pictures are viewable. Initially designed to fly to your destination, and then drive to the spot where you plan on parking it. I would assume it would fit in a regular parking spot, since it only measures 14 feet long and 8 feet wide. Oh, and before you consider upping the bucks to buy this plane and start making plans to take to the skies for a weekend trek to the Poconos in this two-seater flying machine, don't get too excited about it. Remember I said previously that it's the last prototype of this model that is left on earth? That's because it has never been off the ground, other than to be on a trailer in transport. The rest of these prototypes that were built all crashed in flight. Still though, you'd get some heads turning driving this puppy down the street to the local Walmart!


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