Tuesday, May 30, 2006

If you can't stand the heat...

Stay out of Southern Ontario! It's hot, hot, hot, and bloody humid! Holy crap, what will summer be like if its hot like this already?!! Its been like 34 Celsius the past couple of days here, and then add the humidex on top of that, to take it to 43 degrees, and that's hot! In fahrenheit that's equivalent to 93 or 109 with the humidex. Who says it's cold in Canada??!!!

Anyway, I didn't see too much traffic with my first post. Sorry if it was too long for y'all. Then again, yesterday was Memorial Day in the US, so I would think most people were doing family things, rather than surfing blogs!

I didn't get much traffic to my
Heliumknowledge answers either the past couple of days, so not too many dimes have been made. I have only gone up 10 cents since my last entry. I guess I better answer a whack more questions to boost that income up! I haven't had any new sales at my Cafepress shop either. I'm hoping to pick up some Fathers Day sales, since that's coming up real soon. They've got a deal on right now for free shipping on orders $50 and over, up to a maximum of $7.00, so hopefully that will generate more sales. So far, I've made $14.30 there this month, which really I don't think is too bad, since until this blog I've put out no advertising whatsoever. My big sellers so far are my Ribbon of Hope shirts. I've sold 2 pink for breast cancer, and 2 red for aids. Mind you, one of those sales was in April. Oh well, it will get better. I've built it, so they will come!

Well, I'm going to cut it short tonight, and get to bed for the night. Thank you to all of you that have taken the time to visit my blog. Stay cool, especially if you're in a heat wave like here!

Peace out people!

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