Saturday, June 03, 2006

Got it? Get it!

Hey people!

How's your Saturday going? It's raining here, so there goes my plan for doing some yardwork today. Instead I've stayed inside and made up some new designs for my shop at
Cafepress. I went with the Got ___? designs -- a "Got Martini?" design for my Funky Olive Martini section, and a "Got Code?" for the da Vinci Code craze. Here's a couple samples for you to see...

I haven't seen the movie yet, and I'm in the midst of reading the book at the moment. It's got to be the book and movie of the decade for sure, with all the controversy it's raised. I mean, so many people are outraged, saying it is untrue, and not as the Bible tells us. The book leads us to believe that Jesus was secretly married to Mary Magdalene, and they bore a child. However, what people have to realise is that "The da Vinci Code" is a fictional book. It is written purely for entertainment purposes. Hmm, but then again, you have to wonder what Mona Lisa really was smirking about when da Vinci painted her portrait. Dan Brown, author of the book, has done his research, as every author does, both fiction, and non-fiction. Apparently he's done a great job at it, in order to raise so much emotion and controversy. So Kudos to you Mr. Brown! May this book bring riches to you that you had never ever imagined possible. And to those who are in a tizzy over this book/movie, relax, and remember it's only a story!
So anyway, I've been answering a few more questions today at Heliumknowledge. I'm 4 measly cents away from $8.00! I need some traffic to my answers! hint, hint! Yeah, I'm shameless!
And this brings another blog entry to a close, so with all the da Vinci talk in this post, I feel it's fitting to say ciao, ciao!
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