Sunday, June 04, 2006

Cool site ~ Paint My Pixels

I've been checking out this site I found called Paint My Pixels and it's a very cool idea! The owner of this site is artist/actor/writer Jon Baas. What he's doing with this site, is he has a grid that consists of 5200 squares, with each square the equivalent of 100 pixels. He's selling each of the squares to people who then get to choose a color that should go into whichever square or squares they purchase. You get to choose from 140 different colors. The way the grid is displayed on his site, you can scroll over the different painted squares, and see who the contributing donor of that square is, by seeing who signed it. Some of them have links to that persons site as well, if they've chosen to have a link.

I couldn't resist the opportunity to be a part of this very cool work of art, so I purchased 3 squares myself, and naturally, I chose an olive color for my namesake of The Funky Olive. I found the perfect spot, where another person named Olivia had a red square, so once my 3 olive squares are added, well... it will be reminiscent of an olive with a pimento!

Jon also has some different contests running at
Paint My Pixels. He had one that just ended on June 1st, whereby the person that had the most colored squares purchased would win a free custom work of art created by him. I wish I would have found this site sooner, as I certainly would have like to have been included in that contest. His art is gorgeous! Here are a couple of examples of Jon's work...

As you can see, Jon is a very talented artist! His Digital Landscapes are so very real looking, you'd think for sure they are photographs, yet they are not; he has digitally created these works of art on his computer. I swear the one I have shown here looks like a sunset ride on the ferry out west! I should dig out some of my old photos I have taken while on the ferry when I lived on the west coast and compare.

Anyway, back to the
Paint My Pixels project... once the entire grid is filled with color, Jon will then recreate this work of art on a real canvas with real paint. He will be auctioning it off, and professional prints will be made available. The original online work of art will be archived in an on-site gallery, with all links and signatures remaining active. Imagine what it will become with thousands of people building this work of art; each one playing off a previous persons color placement to create a masterpiece! I can't wait to see how it ends, and I'll be sure to frequently visit Paint My Pixels to check on the progress and watch it come to life.
So people, go check it out, and why not purchase a square or two while you're there!

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