Thursday, June 29, 2006

Car Insurance the 21st Century way

Don't you hate shopping for car insurance? I do. Making call after call to all the different brokers in your area, and repeating yourself constantly with all your details. Then having to wait for them all to call you back with a quote, most times not until the next day?

Have you ever considered
online auto insurance? I recently read a web review for Car, and I thought, what a marvel idea. Car offers quotes for all 50 states, and in many cases, you get your quote and your proof of insurance within 15 minutes. Now that's tough to beat! I don't know of any broker in my area that get a quote to me that fast. And if you're a little apprehensive about paying for your insurance online, not to worry; after you get your quote, you have the choice of either finishing the transaction of purchasing your insurance online, or you can talk to someone from their professional call center.

I know when my insurance policy is due next time, I'll be heading over to Car to get a quote for
online auto insurance.

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