Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Diamonds ARE a girl's best friend!

Love diamonds? Who doesn't! What woman wouldn't love to be showered with diamonds? I know I would! I would give my eye teeth for a beautiful diamond tennis bracelet! I can see it now, all sparkly and twinkly caressing my wrist. People would look at it and just smile, for the happiness of having something so beautiful upon me would emanate onto others. Ahh the dream. But in reality, with my husband currently unemployed, it will remain just a dream for now.

However, I was reading a web review for a company called Primestyle, located in Manhattan's diamond district. I've been to their web site, and was totally amazed at the prices for their
diamond tennis bracelets. Once you check this company out, I am positive that you will never pay retail prices for diamonds again! The prices are spectacular! They offer the most beautiful three strand bracelet with 162 diamonds for a total carat weight of 11. This bracelet retails for for over $18,000.00, but sells at Primestyle for under $3500.00! Wow! You can pick up a 1 carat weight bracelet there for around $450.00, rather than paying over $2000.00.

All of their jewelry at Primestyle comes with a third party appraisal certificate, and I also checked out the customer testimonials, which were full of great reviews.

After checking out this site, I'm coming to realize that my dream of that twinkly wrist may just come to happen in the near future. I've added the Primestyle site to my favorites, so that I may one day head back there to drool at the
diamond tennis bracelets and perhaps make my dream become reality buy purchasing one!

Remember, all that glitters is not just gold... it's diamonds too!

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