Thursday, June 29, 2006

Frequent visitor of Mickey Mouse? Considered Orlando Real Estate?

Do you frequently head to Florida for vacation? I know, Mickey is a hard guy to resist! Perhaps retirement is something that will happen in your near future, and you're thinking Orlando may be a nice place to reside. Apart from the obvious theme parks, golfing in Orlando is great, as well as many other forms of entertainment, from a plethora of restaurants, discos, theatres and opera. Being from the north myself, the thought of being able to have my own citrus trees in my own back yard is not only very appealing to me, but also pretty darn cool!

So I was reading a web release about Orlando Real Estate.
Orlando Realtor is a buyer's agent, so they have your, the buyer's best interest in mind. I was checking out their site and was amazed to see that they have over 4000 real estate listings for the Orlando area, with prices from around $36,000.00 up to $15 million dollar mansions. Something for everyone!

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