Thursday, June 29, 2006

Nancy Burpee: World Record Paralympic Swimmer

Nancy Burpee, a world record paralympic swimmer had a dream to swim for the United States at the 2004 Paralympic Games held in Athens, Greece, but her dream was crushed by a referee from Australia. She set world records for the 50 and 100 yard freestyle at the trials, however, this Australian ref disqualified Nancy, on a technicality.

I read in a web release that Nancy called a lawyer, Kevin P. Simmons of Simmons, Jannace & Stagg. The law firm agreed to take on Burpee's case, and did so pro bono. At the arbitration, allegations were made that the Australian ref was biased towards Burpee competing with a paralympic swimmer from Australia. As well, Simmons, Jannace & Stagg also demonstrated that the trials were not held in accordance with the paralympic rules.

Sadly though, an independent arbitrator ruled against Nancy, keeping her from competing at Athens. Nancy has continued swimming and will be competing in the World Championships. Go for the gold Nancy -- you deserve it girl!

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