Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Debt is a four letter word!

In this time and age, it seems that most people live their lives in debt. We have oodles of little plastic cards for almost every store you can think of, as well as all the various banks. Some of them entice us with rewards, such as air miles, or bonus points, or dividends. Those colorful cards are great to use, if you use them wisely, and pay them off each month when the bill comes in. However, if you use and abuse them, these wonderful little tools, can also turn out to be disastrous to our financial situations, as well as our credit ratings. With the high interest rates that accompany many of these credit cards, it takes a very long time to pay off high balances by making minimum payments.

Don't get me wrong here though. I'm not suggesting that everybody that has high credit card debt has brought it all on by over-spending, and living the high life. Very many people have fallen on hard times in their lives, and have had to rely on credit cards to get over the financial hurdles they were going through. And for those people that have lived through these burdens, it's very fortunate for them that they had the availability of the credit cards to survive those times. I know this first hand, as I have been there, done that myself, and am still scraping my way along trying to pay back the debts that have incurred.

Through one of my many searches for help on managing debt, I've come across a web release for bizjournals.com. This is a great site, if you're looking into some sort of
debt consolidation plan. From a consolidation loan to the last resort of declaring personal bankruptcy, they can offer expert advice on which is the right path for you to take, based on your individual situation.

Whether you choose to fight your financial battles alone, or seek professional assistance, all the best to you in the outcome, and if you have any great tips that have worked for you, I would love it if you would share them with me, and my other readers.



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