Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Do you know about the drugs you're taking?

Both my sister and my mother-in-law have these big books in their homes that they refer to frequently. I've always made fun of them both with these books. They are prescription drug books. You can't tell either one of them if you got a new prescription from the Doctor, without them rushing to their drug bibles, as I refer to them, and looking up the new med to see what any side effects may be, or if there are any possible drug interactions with any other meds you may be taking as well.

I have to say I've got a few giggles out of myself recently, when I read a web release for a site called Epocrates.com. I found they have an online version of these prescription drug books, and I was having a little fun looking up various meds. Yes, I did look up every med that both my husband and myself are currently taking! I even looked up
Levitra, since my husband and I are getting older! They give all the possible side effects, the drug interactions, and any cautions for taking a particular med. They have a base of over 3300 different drugs and are constantly updating. So I've bookmarked the site for any future drug inquiries that I may have. I'll be sure to tell my sister and mother-in-law about this site, so I can save them money in the future when their books become outdated, as they frequently do.


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