Saturday, July 15, 2006

She sings through her butt!!

Any "Idol" fans out there? I used to be a fan of both American Idol and Canadian Idol, but haven't been watching the past season. A couple girls at work have been filling me in on the currently running Canadian Idol. I couldn't believe it when they were telling me about this girl that farted when she was doing her audition. She totally farted on National Television!

Tonight I got an email from my neice, and it had a short video of this tootin' try out. I laughed, and played it again, and laughed some more, and played it again, and giggled profusely. That poor girl! What a way to claim her five minutes of fame!

I thought I just had to add this video to my blog, so I went over to YouTube to see if was there, and sure enough it was.