Friday, July 14, 2006

More on my prescriptions...

Remember a couple weeks ago when I was saying that I had a big fight with my pharmacist and ended up switching pharmacies for my prescriptions? Well, yesterday I went and had my three prescriptions filled at the new pharmacy, and was pleased to see that my total was about $25.00 cheaper than what I was paying at the old pharmacy. My total for the 3 prescripts was $57.00 after my insurance company paid their share.

That was yesterday, and today is a new day. Today, I come home from work at lunch and I noticed that the bag of prescriptions I hadn't yet put away wasn't in the spot I had left them in last night. I thought my husband must have put them away for me, but they weren't where I keep them. I checked in the bathroom, and in the kitchen, and they weren't there either. So I figured he was playing a joke on me, and had hid them. I searched around the house and couldn't find them. Well, I started to panic. Just before I was to leave to go back to work, my husband comes home, and I asked him what he did with them. Get this...he thought it was a bag of garbage, and had thrown the bag out. But the best is yet to was garbage collection day, so guess where my $57.00 worth of pills went? Yep, in the garbage truck. FUCK!!!! Did I mention I am on meds for high blood pressure????

So I quickly phoned my Doctor to see if he would call in new prescripts to the pharmacy, but as the answering machine clicked in, I remembered they aren't open on Friday afternoons. I called the pharmacy and told them what happened. The pharmacist said it wasn't a problem refilling the prescripts for me. Whew!! However, he didn't think my insurance plan would cover their portion of the costs again, since I just had them filled yesterday. Oh well, what the hell am I going to do...gotta have my meds.

Tonight after work I went to the pharmacy again to pick up my new order. Needless to say, my insurance didn't cover these, and it cost me $193.00 to take my pills home. FUCK, FUCK, FUCK!!! So I'm down $200.00 for the little bit of spending money I had for my trip back home to visit my family. If there is a God, I hope he spreads a little light on me with the lottery draw tonight. I don't have to win big, but it would be nice to regain some of what I lost due to my well, apparently not so bright and too hasty to toss things out husband!

What a shitty, shitty day it's been, and it's also about 100 degrees here today too with humidity of 100%. I hate today!

The moral here: ALWAYS put your things away in their proper place, and ALWAYS check what you're tossing out in the garbage!


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