Friday, July 14, 2006

A Message to Bank Debit Card Fraudsters!

What a freaking day from hell I had at work today. I believe I mentioned some time ago that I work at a bank. Well, today, we had person after person coming in to get a new debit card, as theirs had been compromised by debit card fraud. We must have replaced near to 100 cards today.

What the hell is up with you scamming debit card fraud artists? Why don't you put all that knowledge you have to good use and go get a real fucking job instead of stealing from those of us people that go to work for a living, or the poor retired aged, many of which that live on meager pensions??!! Imagine what kind of wonderful world we could have if you put your skills to good use, instead of the slimey sleaze-ball ways you've chosen to live your lives. Did you ever stop to think that something like this could happen to someone close to you? Your mother, your sister, yourself?? Yes, it could happen. You aren't the only one out there with your little machines and pin hole cameras victimizing the innocent purchaser or poor soul that's taking a couple bucks out of the bank.

I'm happy to say that the bank that I work for does a fantastic job of being on the ball with this sort of bullshit, and are able to detect when a clients card has possibly been compromised by the scum of the earth that you are. You may get away with it for awhile, but it won't last, so don't think you're going to retire on some tropical island being hand fed grapes by gorgeous women, cuz you will be caught before that happens. And I don't think they'll be hand-feeding you anything in jail! Hopefully though, you'll end up being a nice girlfriend for some big brute that's hornier than hell and likes the thought of a new ass to screw!

So take my advice, and get a real job, jerk!


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