Wednesday, July 19, 2006

You know me and flowers!

I've been at it again! Taking more flower pictures, and searching more flower sites! I can't help it, it's an addiction I have! Today's picture is of a miniature rose that my mother-in-law has in her garden. I love the color of these little beauties! The orange is so vibrant, and they are just the cutest little blossoms! Now I'm thinking I need to dig another flower bed for some miniatures of my own.

So I went online to search out mini roses and see all the different varieties. I came across a web release for another online florist called Beyond Blossoms. Naturally I was doing some major oohing and ahhing! They have the most magnificent rose bouquet, called "A Rainbow of Color". It consists of an assortment of 3 - 5 different colored roses. I would never have thought of putting that many different colored roses together in a bouquet, but I'm telling you, the picture they show with yellow, red, orange and ivory colored roses is just stunning! Oh, and get this, they have a flower picture contest, where there is a winner picked every month. That lucky winner will receive a flower bouquet worth $50! Too bad for me they don't ship outside of the USA, but I still get to look at the pictures. I was also reading their flower blog there, and was amused at an entry about Elton John's quirks concerning any flowers he orders. Apparently, Sir Elton prefers his floral arangements without any greenery! Not a leaf, nor a stem is to be visible for Mr. John's flowers! I can't imagine flowers without the foilage myself, but whatever...

Anyway, the next time you're wanting to send roses to a loved one, I suggest you check out Beyond Blossoms, and go for that rainbow bouquet! Just remember, if you're sending them to Elton, order them foilage-free! :-)


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