Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Smitten with Toby!

I'm so lovin' this season of "Rockstar Supernova". Toby Rand, the hot rocker from Australia is just a dream to watch! *drool* I loved his performances tonight, and of course he received several votes from me! He has the sexiest eyes, it just gives me shivers when they do a close up on his eyes. Of course his bod isn't hard to look at either! A nice package of eye candy from down under.

My newest design in my t-shirt shop at Cafepress is in honor of the Toby! It's one for his famous "EVS", which is the Australian short form for "whatever".

This design is available on all different styles of shirts, and a few other items as well. Show your love (lust) and support for Toby with an "EVS" shirt from the Funky Olive. I'll be wearing mine! Go Toby!!!

Rock on people!


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